Steve pays a lot of attention to the details, the ground seat, rig placement, hand and machine stitching and smoothness of the stamping. He particularly likes clean, crisp carving and stamping. Many people don’t realize there are about 100 individual pieces to a saddle. They have to fit together smooth and tight. It’s important to be particular, from shaping the ground seat to sewing the last stitch on the cantle. You can’t be sloppy about it.
Most of Steve’s saddle trees are made by Double R Saddletrees of Bozeman,MT. Steve feels these are some of the finest handmade trees available. They fit a variety of horses and are made strong and consistent, which are important to a saddlemaker. When he first saw a Wade saddle over 30 years ago, they were a novelty in Wyoming. Today over 80% of his customers order Wade saddles.

Steve has made expensive, collector saddles for shows and some of his clientele; but he has always gotten the most satisfaction from making saddles for men and women who use them everyday or make their living in the saddle. Because of this, he feels it’s important to keep his base price at an affordable range for these people. Ask Steve about what he can do to make you a lighter weight saddle. He’s been making quite a few of them lately

Base price:
$5500,smooth or rough out
Cheyenne roll or straight up cantle
Flat plate rigging
Mohair cinch
3 1/2 “ back cinch
4” Monel stirrups

When you get your custom saddle it is ready to throw on your horse and ride. Please contact us if you have any questions or want more information about Steve's saddles and we have many more saddle pictures available if you want to see more.








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